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Tyrolean chicken



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In order to perform the estimation of breeding values properly,
breeding groups will only be delivered in the former area of distribution


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Conditions for participation in the breeding

The resulting annual juveniles are each rated to about September and compiled to new breeding groups and then stand for the distribution. Who agree to the terms set out below and sign a corresponding agreement - and if enough juveniles are available &endash; can buy a breeding group via the Regional Management (see contacts). The prices depend on the age of the animals. A breeding group is normally composed of 3 to 4 hens and a rooster.

Conditions to be fulfilled :

  • The breeder takes over a breeding group with rooster
  • The breeder ensures that the animals will be fox and marten safe stabled
  • Ensure that no other cock can mate the Tyrolean chicken
  • Readiness to participate in the project (offspring will be evaluated and ringed).
  • Delivery of breeding animals only to people who also participate in the project.
  • NO delivery of hatching eggs or Tyrolean chicks before evaluation to a third party which does not participate in the project.



For supporters and patrons:

All participants in the project are volunteers. Nevertheless always small and large expenses fall on. We are therefor delighted about every contribution. These are tax deductible in Switzerland and soon also in Italy.

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